When posing like a psychopath you should not show too much ambition
- you could look like one.



+++ Important Message for our 36.385 Tumblr Followers +++

First: we love you! Second: HELP! It is getting way too sauerkrautschnitzel german here! Come on! Wheres your ambition? Where are your ideas!?

Help us and send send send your CEOs, CCO, CDs ECDs and ideas that look like whoeveryouwant: Homer Simpson, Jason Statham, The Grinch, The Blob, The Blammo Log. Jep you there in India, Sweden, Russia? Send us your Admen lookalike and get some of the most worthy piece of fame and fortune in the internetz: a tumblr post on this site! Yeah!

Meanwhile we play a round of “Admen looking like celebrities looking like Admen”

#1: Stefan/Grumpy/Detmar.

Remember Detmar?


thx @TheFrenchGentleman